unsubscribe from ALL repositories/subscriptions

I currently have over 1000 subscriptions (probably in the hundreds of thousands, considering the organizations that I’m a part of), all subscribed automatically as most of us have encountered before properly sifting through the notification settings. I would like to unsubscribe from  all of them. the problem is, the only way available I can find will take me millenia to complete, by selecting 25 at a time.

I’m trying to get very aggresive with minimizing notifications, and this is currently a hinderance. 

How can I ubsubscribe from ALL repositories/subscriptions, without having to go 25 at a time?

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Hi @calamityadam,

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Thank so much, Nik!

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Hi @calamityadam!

Thank you so much for the question and experience!  Our product team is certainly keeping an eye out for feedback such as this.  

You may want to take a look at https://github.com/watching to see if that serves as a better method for un-watching repositories.  This help documentation on Managing subscriptions  may also assist.  Let me know if this shortens the process for you at all; or if you already ventured into that route.

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Thanks for the help, however neither of these move me any closer to a solution.

The only repositories I’m “watching” are my own personal repositories (for reference, I don’t actually know why I’m watching those, they just appeard automatically). As shown in the original shared screenshot I do know where and how to manage subscriptions. The problem is I can only ubsubscribe 25 at a time. A ‘Select ALL’ option would be desireable. As is found in the notifications tab when you select all notifications on the page, another text will appear that says “select all xxxx number of notifications” to select more than just what’s viewable on one page.

I don’t know why I’m subscribed to so many repositories in the first place, I’m assuming it happened automatically when I joined the organization. Unfortunately the organization has over 200,000 repositories. If it takes me roughly 5 seconds to ubsubscribe from batches of repositories 25 at a time, it will take me over 11 hours straight to unsubscribe from all 200,000 repositories. :joy:

Again, thank you for the help, but the answer I’m looking for is a way to unsubscribe from ALL repositories/subscriptions at once.

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Thanks for being here @calamityadam, Understood and I can definitely see the need for this. There is in fact pre-existing internal discussion about this behavior with our development team as other customers have voiced similar feedback. I’m adding your voice to it.

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Any updates on the issue? Maybe there is a script using GitHub API that we can use instead?