Unstarring via OAuth: Error Clarification

Hi there!

I run an app that lets you manage and organize your starred repositories. I went to add an “Unstar” feature, so users could unstar repos through my app, but I noticed this error is often thrown:

“Although you appear to have the correct authorization credentials, the {orgName} organization has enabled OAuth App access restrictions, meaning that data access to third-parties is limited. For more information on these restrictions, including how to whitelist this app, visit https://docs.github.com/articles/restricting-access-to-your-organization-s-data/

This is a bit confusing, because this isn’t organization data, but user data I’m changing. Organizations can really block users from unstarring their repo via OAuth access? Could someone shed some light on why that’s a thing?

Bumping in case anyone knows what’s going on here.