Unrecognisable author of contributions

I’ve just noticed that my contributions from holidays and previous cease to be assigned to my GitHub profile (for example in these repositories: forum or squash-court)
At this time I should have over 500 (like a couple days ago) but I see only 118.
Does anyone have the same? It is the work of brave-new-changes?

Hi @plkpiotr,

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In taking a look at plkpiotr/forum I see commits that look like this:

When I clone the repository locally, I see this:

commit b76d80baf57037dc43953d37bfcc0bffd00688a2
Author: Piotr Pałka <redacted@gmail.com>
Date: Mon Sep 25 17:05:31 2017 +0200

    Update README.md

commit 58fad2ce866a56d6d5e85971287ede7c173f1222
Author: plkpiotr <redacted@redacted.pl>
Date: Mon Sep 25 13:02:37 2017 +0200


Notice that the top one is using the gmail.com email address (which is apparently associated with your GitHub account) and the bottom one is using a different email address (which is not associated with your GitHub account). You can associate the second email address with your GitHub account to get credit for those commits as well.

See the recent Support Pro-Tips article Why is my commit associated with the wrong person? for more on how GitHub gives credit for commits.

I hope that helps!


Thank you so much!

I forgot that I deleted my e-mail a few days ago :slight_smile:
I added old e-mail address anew and everything is okay! :wink:

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I used command line to submit a pull request.  I entered my GitHub user name but failed to provide email address.  It was mergered to the Master.  Any chance to update the AUTHOR_EMAIL only without using “rebase”?  

Sorry, I was not aware of the no-reply github email at that time.  Now, I set it up properly.

Hi @slee5777,

You can follow the steps here to update the author info: