Unread notification color doesn't match top block

  1. Visit https://github.com/notifications
  2. Compare the colors you see for the block that says “Unread”, and an actual unread notification (Marcus… below.)
    I swear they are different.
    They should be the same.
    I say they should both be white, like the Marcus… block.
    But my eyes are old. Therefore posting here for a second opinion.

they are different statuses for different notifications like my screenshot the first is failed GitHub Action, second, an open issue, third a closed Pull Request,

All I know is in your picture, at the top, the background colors behind “All” is dark grey, and “Unread” is light grey.

But then we encounter “Spellcheck”, which has white! I.e., non of the above.

yes because that is the only Unread,

maybe you’re idea is, it must be showing all Unread only, in my case, that’s the Spellcheck and the rest should not be seen,

but you should mark each notif as Done, and you will not be seeing it at the Unread tab, rather it will be displayed at the Done tab,

All I know is at the top of your image is a “map legend” [ All ][ Unread],
which I assume describe the colors of the items below.
Sure, those two buttons perhaps have other uses too, but I still assume they are some kind of color map.