Unread message pin is not disapearing

have issue with my notification icon, it show bubble for unread messages, but I have not any there?
am I looking in wrong place ?

I have blue icon for notification, but when I move to inbox, can not find any

thank you

From the screenshot it loos like you’ve selected “ALL” instead of “UNREAD” (but my vision is not so good, especially with dark screenshots). Anyway, GH WebUI remembers these type of settings, so if you open the Notification page it will show either ALL/UNREAD, as you last used it.

New notifications are only shown in UNREAD, whereas the ALL tab is useful to look through older notification which you’ve already read (and won’t show under UNREAD), in case you want to return to them.

@tajmone thanks for the tip
but I checked both tabs but there where no unread messages there, its looks more like a bug for me

If you’re seeing the blue dot next to the Notifications bell icon, then something is definitely not working. I haven’t experienced any unusual behavior with this feature (on my desktop PC), so it could also be a browser problem (cache needs cleaning, or some browser extensions interfering, etc.).

Have you tried different browsers to see if the problem show on all of them?

Yes tried chrome and safari on desktop and phone

Then if it’s happening on multiple browsers and machines it sounds like a bug.

@tajmone finally found it, I had multiple organisations, but I was not logged in for 1 of it, so I got notifications bubble but didn’t saw messages in the list

Excellent! Please mark your own solution as THE solution, so other users with the same problem can benefit from it.