Unprocessable entity in GitHub Classroom

I have a class that is using GitHub Classroom for their projects. The students have just started their first team assignment. I had a few students who were able to successfully create teams, but I now have students who are saying that when they try to accept the assignment, they get an error


Unprocessable entity

The change you wanted was rejected.

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I added myself as a class member as “Test Student” and tried to make a new team. I had the same issue as my student. Since I have some students who successfully set up their teams in the last few days, I suspect this is either due to some recent change or it is related to an intermittent issue. Can anyone help to resolve this?

Could be related to

I have been continuing to communicate with my students. I have two sections. I have them separated into different classrooms. In one classroom, I had one team that has “accepted” the assignment. In the other classroom, there are two teams that “accepted” the assignment. There have been additional teams created, but they are getting the 422 error when they try to accept the assignment.
It appears that there is not a problem with students joining a team, as I can go to the organization and see the teams with students joining those teams. The problem is when these teams try to accept the assignments. I have verified that the base repository is a template and is public. I also tried transferring ownership of the template repository, but that didn’t change the behavior. The teams that successfully accepted the assignment reported no such problems. My first report of the problem was today, May 4th. It seems like something might have changed on the server side in the last day or so.

I have also encountered the same issue very recently. I can also see the teams that have been created with the students, and that the students have joined as members of the organisation, so it’s not an issue of getting into the org. However, the issue is exactly the same screenshot as above. Their team has repositories in it. This is very urgent as we have classwork TODAY for this, and the issue never appear during all of our testing before semester commenced. (And has worked in previous semesters with the identical configuration as to now)

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Today I have seen some different behavior. One of my sections has had additional teams that have joined and have been able to accept the assignment. This is the one where I created the original assignment. The other section has the same settings, but my students are still unable to accept the assignment. The settings for both sections are identical.

Hi. Thanks for the advice, I was not aware. I will duplicate my other response there.

@nvparrish - I have found that I could create a new classroom assignment with the same team and repository template codebase, and that link works for the students. I don’t understand why the one classroom assignment is broken, however, it is a sufficient workaround. (In fact, of the list of my assignments, only the one is ‘broken’ as above).

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@timothy-wiley You’re welcome :slight_smile: Best of luck! And thanks for sharing your workaround :+1: