Unknown Error - Help!

hello! i am new to github, and a little bit new to coding, and i keep getting dozens of errors whenever i, or anyone else, submits a pull request to a project im working on. this even happens when dont make a change to the code, so something is obviously wrong in the master branch. however, i cannot seem to find the directories its referencing and to my knowledge no one on the team has ever messed with them. does anyone know what the problem is/how to fix it? im happy to provide screenshots or other parts of the code if needed.

full npm run full-test: full Run npm run full-test - JustPaste.it

where is the repo ? can you send the link, hopefully that is public

if you first want to code on master make sure you clone that project and the base of the project you or anyone else open a pull request must be the same otherwise you’ll get an error.

unfortunately the repo is not public, nor am i allowed to make it public. however i am allowed to share all the files with you. how would be best to send them to you, email or fileshare or something else?

just a screenshot will do,

now, what I’m assuming is that they are merge conflicts or Actions failing,

a screenshot of what exactly? i linked a paste, but is that not enough? the error log is about 170 lines so im not sure i can get it in a screenshot

so, it’s running a test ? because my focus a while ago is error in creating pull request

I’m wondering also why your team would end up with those too many errors, because it should not be like that,

a real world development will make sure that every small change is correct, so it’s really that hard to trace which is which

yes, its running a test. also, i just recently joined the team and was the first to actually run the code

that’s my advice,

hopefully you can restore all the previous revisions then tackle the changes one by one and your team would not end up with so many errors,