unknown blob error when pushing docker image to Github Package Registry by Actions

I’m encountering errors when building to Github Package Registry today.  I have parallel jobs that packages 5 docker images to GPR.  Today, 1 to 2 randomly fail out of our batch of 5.  Looks like which every 3-4 finishes first are fine.


I’ve been seeing this a lot too this morning, came here to report the same thing. After half a dozen retries I got just one push to work

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I confirm. I have the same thing happens all day.

Hi All, 

GitHub Package Registry team are working on this “unknown blob” issue. It may take sometime , sorry for any inconvenience. 

I can confirm this is happening like 75% of the time with the push actions…makes the entire “Actions” workflow service unfit for production use (in my opinion). 

Yeah this is happening quite a bit for us as well. About 50% failure and it seems completely random.