Unix Socket tests runs forever


I have a rust library that helps in interfacing with unix sockets. I have setup a bunch of tests that let you test if the unix socket connection is working fine. However, the tests never seem to complete. I have a separate test just to check if the connection succeeds, which works, but the test to send data across the socket seems to fail. The last test ran for 6 hours before timing out. I have no idea how to debug or where to start looking for the problem. Could someone help me understand how to debug this please?

For reference, my repo is here: https://github.com/bytesonus/juno-rust/actions

Thank you

Sorry for the delay response. I am trying to ask for help with github engineering team, this may take sometime. Sorry for any inconvenience. 

Hi @rakshith-ravi

The issue is happended in Cargo test step,

- name: Cargo test
        uses: actions-rs/cargo@v1
          command: test
          args: --release --all

As this is a third party action so I would first recommend you creating an issue in the action repository.

If you could provide us a minimal repo which could reproduce this issue, it would be great for us to narrow down the issue.