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I need to use the command prompt to get the movies that were made after 1980 (that is, ’year’ column has a number greater than 1980). Hint: apply a pattern to see if number is ”198[…]” or a larger number. Cannot use awk for this assignment.

file imdv.csv

$ cat clean-imdb.csv | head -5 Title,title trim,Year,Rank,Rank (desc),Rating,New in 2011 from 2010?,2010 rank,Rank Difference, Sherlock Jr. (1924),SherlockJr.(1924),1924,221,30,8,y,n/a,n/a, The Passion of Joan of Arc (1928),ThePassionofJoanofArc(1928),1928,212,39,8,y,n/a,n/a, His Girl Friday (1940),HisGirlFriday(1940),1940,250,1,8,y,n/a,n/a, Tokyo Story (1953),TokyoStory(1953),1953,248,3,8,y,n/a,n/a,

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You’re going to need a regular expression that can determine if a movie is made after 1980.

I think something like:


would probably work, keeping only the movies from, respectively, 2000+, 1990 - 1999, and then 1981  -  1989.

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