University Student Looking for Technical Writing Projects

Hello everyone!

I am a second year university student studying computer science who is looking to break into the career of technical writing. 

I am willing to work for free on projects and as I am only just starting, the best projects would be where a small amount of assistance could be provided if required. I am open to assisting in a project in any area. If anyone has any projects they could allow me to help then with, then I would be very grateful. 

Thanks very much. 

What do you mean for “technical writing”?

Hi there, 

I don’t really know, I have decided that programming is not for me and what I enjoy doing is writing reports etc. If you have any ideas of what career I could do and how to get to that career then I would be very grateful. 

As Per my perception you should have to follow your heart, do what makes you happy!

Thanks for the motivation! That’s what I’m trying to do by leaving my computer science university course and either (I) doing another course, (ii) finding an apprenticeship / internship and leaving uni or (iii) going solo and build a portfolio.

Any suggestions about what I can do is greatly appreciated!

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One of the major weaknesses of many open-source projects is the documentation! Programmers often don’t want to write documentation for their project. You could probably pick any random project on Github [which is not corporate sponsored!] and be able to contribute on the documentation! 

I suggest starting with a project that has some docs already, and propose some improvements. A caution: you’ll probably need to be able to get the software working/building so you can understand it well enough to write about it! A review/rewrite of the install/getting-started procedure for inaccuracies/clarity is always a good thing …

Technical writing is an interesting “place” on the software development spectrum. You need to have the ability to see both the developer’s and the user’s points of view. On the developer side, you need to be able to understand the purpose of the app and be able to understand the developer’s explanations. On the user side, you need to be able to conceptualize what the user is trying to accomplish, and translate the developer’s explanation into something the user can use!


hi  i could use some help

is your offer still good

Hi, send me your email. I have a 4 page technical brochure to be created using Adobe FramaMaker. I will send you more info,

Hi, send me your email to send you more info about a 4 page technical brochure I am creating which you may help,