University projekt is looking for the right platform


me and my team at the HTW University are looking for platform that can do all this stuff that we want to have in our homepage.

We are 6 students and no one is able in coding, so it should be a no code / low code soultion :nerd_face: we are able to build a SQL Database with some lines of code.
At this point we have a figma homepage designe and now we want to make it work.

Example of the functions that we want to have:
on the one side
It should be something like a real estate HP, so there is a database with a lot of flats, green flats blue flats… big flats, small flats…

on the other side there a people that klick through checkboxs that are asking " do you like green flats, do you like big one, how much are ready to pay…"

as a result the person who is looking for flats should get a list of flats that match to them, there she can filter the List again maybe when she doesn´t want blue flats.

I hope you can understand what i mean :slight_smile:

We tried out Webflow yet, but we don´t think it has all the functions that we need.
Now we are trying to get it work with

Thanks for your help :slight_smile: