Unique github cloners

Hi just a quick question from new github user.

when I see unique clones made in the traffic page does that mean other people have cloned my repository or is that my own doing?


Hi @GenCoder8 and welcome to GitHub! Unique cloners is the number of unique people (determined by username or IP address) who have cloned your repository.

One note, however, is that these cloners may not have been specifically interested in your repository - there are services making use of our API endpoints, for example https://api.github.com/events, to monitor public events on GitHub for search indexes/archives/etc.


Ok thanks for the answer. I was just surprised that there are 24 Unique cloners in two weeks and I haven’t advertised the repository at all

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You’re very welcome. Hopefully automated traffic helps explain this (even if it’s perhaps disappointing for a new project!). Please let us know if you have any more questions, and welcome again!

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