Unique Cloner's IP from Traffic Graph


As mentioned here,


“…how many unique GitHub users (or anonymous IP addresses) did the cloning…”

As in attached image I have got the number of cloners and visitors but i want to get the whole list of them with their IPs or location related other details, if possible.

From where in github portal can I get the list IP address of unique clone, could you please guide me? Thanks in advance.

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The information you’re requesting is not made available in the web interface or via API. See GitHub’s Privacy Policy for more details on what information is or is not shared outside of GitHub.

I hope that helps!

why this ‘Traffic’ option is not available in Enterprise Github ? 

Hi @odcnre thanks for being here! Good question. As you mentioned, the traffic graph isn’t not currently available on GitHub Enterprise. This is because there are some external components that go into creating those metrics on github.com that aren’t present on GitHub Enterprise.

That said, we’ve had this request before, and I’ve added your feedback on having this feature in GitHub Enterprise to our internal log on this. I can’t promise anything or share any timeline, but I have shared your feedback with the appropriate teams.