"unicorns have taken over" Error - 503 -

after a recent change on site - https://transrev.github.io/ reports 503 error.

I have checked actions and page build, deploy was successful.

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Hey there @varanasisaigithub, and welcome to the community forum! Sorry about this. We had a bug in the deployment process that only effects sites that haven’t built in a while. While the deploy did succeed, we were still attempting to route to the site as if it was built using an older method. We’ve fixed the bug and triggered a rebuild in your site to get it working. Any new builds shouldn’t have this problem.

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@tcbyrd i seem to be having the same issue with http://steezeburger.github.io/conway

@steezeburger have you tried triggering a rebuild?

@liligalante i did! it was successful as well, but I still see the unicorn error page when i visit the site!


Hmmm :thinking: is this site a new build? @tcbyrd any ideas as well?

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@liligalante it’s a pretty old repo. I hadn’t touched it in several years before today!

Hi @liligalante and @tcbyrd, I seem to have encountered the same issue with https://ryanspradlin.github.io. Old repo, last change was in 2016, just pushed a change today, and now get HTTP 503 responses. I tried a rebuild, no luck. Help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

@ryanspradlin @steezeburger Your pages have been fixed. In case anyone else comes here and sees this, a workaround for now is to disable Pages on your repository and re-enable it. We’re working on fixing the bug that causes this.

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@tcbyrd Thank you for the quick fix!

@tcbyrd thanks so much! You rock!

We’ve shipped this fix that caused this and it shouldn’t require a rebuild or disabling/enabling Pages to fix it from here on out. If you were previously seeing a 503 and didn’t get a chance to rebuild, the page should resolve properly now. If anyone is still seeing issues, feel free to let us know though so we can dig in further.