Unicode characters in container registry package names

:wave: I wanted to let you all know that Container Registry is currently not working as expected with unicode characters in the package names. While unicode :poop: is allowed in package names we don’t currently support it per the OCI specification.

You may see an error like this for ghcr when pushing your containers.

failed to solve: rpc error: code = Unknown desc = failed commit on ref "manifest-sha256:SHA": unexpected status: 500 Internal Server Error

We will fix this issue :wrench: However to support all your unicode containers :rocket: we require a migration which will include some downtime of the service. We’re currently trying to plan a day which will cause the least interruption, most likely on a coming weekend. During the downtime you’ll have continued access for downloading containers, however you’ll be unable to publish new containers until the migration completes.

I’ll update this forum post with more details when we have a day planned for the downtime and as it runs.

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Planning for downtime this Saturday January 9th 2021 aka 2021-01-09. We’ll have a changelog post coming soon and will status the service when it goes into maintenance mode.

You’ll still be able to pull images during this time but pushes will be blocked.

Planned status event notice is here GitHub Status - GitHub Container Registry enters Read Only mode

All done, fixes have landed and things are working as expected. Please open new topics if you see future concerns.