Unhelpful documentation for GitHub actions

This section:

Is unhelpful, it simply says:

I’m brand new to GitHub actions and I know very little about node.js, actions, jobs etc - that’s why I’m learning from these examples.

As soon as I paste the code into my existing workflow I see syntax errors, clearly some stuff need editing/removing etc but what? where? how?

This is poor, it should point out what to do in more detail.

All it offers me now is a link to a huge sections about syntax, fine if I’m already familiar (this is in fact a reference page) but useless for a beginner, following along and just trying to get some feel for all this.

It could say something like this:

“When you paste this text into your workflow you may see highlighted lines that indicate syntax or other errors, if you’re new to GitHub actions these may confuse you at first. For example, the editor will highlight lines that are…”.

Since I don’t know the syntax hardly, I cannot suggest explanatory text (else I’d do it and make a PR) and I’m stuck, look:

Obviously the file is expected to conform to some grammar and the highlighted lines are likely obvious to someone who has already learned this, but for a complete beginner this is just bad.

Note too that the preceding yml text in that file comes right from the preceding page:

This is teaching material and assuming the reader has a knowledge of the syntax while supposedly teaching them that syntax seems kind of absurd. Also, why did they suggest that particular marketplace action? could it not begin with some simple yet meaningful action that does something a beginner can understand?

Can someone please improve this documentation?

I’d need more information about where you got the second blob in order to be able to make a PR.

The uses: statement (and everything that follows) is under-indented. It should line up with name: on line 12, so you need to indent lines 13ff by 6 spaces. You can probably select those lines and press <tab> three times.

I see a bunch of places that appear to be under-indented in that page, e.g.:

I’m not sure I’m going to fix this as is, you could just file a bug: