Unhelpful Bot-like Answers

I asked if anyone has managed to get their account unflagged and why acconts are getting flagged, mentioning that I already contacted the support a week ago and got no answer. Unfortunately moderator, without even reading the post, locked the thread responding with what looks like an automated message, telling to ask the question in another thread, which is also locked, or ask support, which, as I explained, is not responding (or was replaced by bots too?). That is just sad. Guess Skynet has won.

Hello @saniv,

I sincerely apologize if my response came off in a way where it seemed like I did not read your message; I assure you I did. I’d like to apologize again for stating that ‘you should continue the conversation’ in the lasting thread I directed you towards; I didn’t realize it was locked.

I wanted to give you a genuine response so that you know I am here and I do understand your frustration with this sort of situation. Unfortunately, we cannot discuss account issues like this through the GitHub Community Forum for security reasons.

I know that this is probably not a very satisfying answer, but you’re going to have to wait for a response from our support team. Their workload is quite high and a lot of times they need to do quite a bit of research in solving these cases.

Once again, I apologize for the inconvenience and I appreciate your patience and understanding.


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