"Unexpected inputs provided: [\"tests\"]",

I am performing an API-based workflow_dispatch, and I have inputs for it. One of those inputs is tests, but, despite the fact that input is defined in my workflow yml file, I am getting an error on trying to post to the endpoint:

"Unexpected inputs provided: [\"tests\"]",

I have another input as well that appears to be getting consumed. I have no idea why this isn’t working, though. Here are the vitals:

name: UI Tests

        description: 'Commit sha to run tests against'
        required: false
        description: 'Test files to include (glob syntax)'
        required: false

Hi @dclowd9901, welcome to the GitHub Support Community! That’s very strange! Do you have an example workflow file/run that I could take a look at?

Does this also happen when you name the input something else? I’m wondering if tests is causing a collision with a reserved keyword that isn’t documented here.

That was my suspicion too. To solve the issue, I changed the name to specs so I think it may be a name collision after all.