Unexpected error for Action when triggered by bot

It seems that whenever I trigger a workflow run with a bot I get an error that looks like the following:

### ERRORED 14:43:11Z

- There was an unexpected error when executing this Action. For help debugging what went wrong, please contact support@github.com. The unique ID for this error is C423:4BE9:15428:3BCDA:5D80F0FC

More details:

  • A bot is triggering this by making a call to the GitHub deployments api.

  • My workflow file responds to deployment events using on: ['deployment'].

  • This does NOT happen when the triggering event is a push event.

Any ideas?


I’m experiencing the same problem (only for deployment events as well).

Events raised from the Actions app do not trigger workflows.  This restriction is currently in place to prevent a circular workflow execution.  We are working on updating the documentation to explain this better.

Clearly this restriction is very limiting right now and the team hopes to address it in the future.