UnderlineNav/banner/gutter on profile is too tall

The height of the dark theme toggle creates excess vertical space in the navigation banner at the top of users’ profile pages:

The problem is more obvious scrolled down the page a bit, where the account name is misaligned with the navigation links as a result of the height change:

Compare this to a screenshot at the same width, except with the toggle removed and the hx_UnderlineNav-with-profile-color-modes-banner class omitted. The banner height is much more appropriate for the content:

This could possibly be resolved with a max-height set on the toggle image, or a negative vertical margin.

Thanks for the attention to detail and for sharing this issue with us @rossjrw! The dark mode toggle is actually a temporary promo banner for dark mode at Universe but since it will be sticking around for a bit longer I’ve added this to our backlog to review