"unauthorized" error when pushing images


I have succeeded on pushing images to ghcr.io under an org when logged-in as an org owner, but when logged-in as just an org member docker push just returns unauthorized.

This org’s setting Member privileges -> Package creation is already set to Public, and the PAT I’m using already has the write:packages permission.

Any idea what could be going on?



Have you configured access for the organization member? The owner who created the Container would have admin permissions by default. However the org member would need to have write access added through the container settings.

Lemme know if that works!

Thanks for the feedback @clarkbw, that worked :+1:

So, if I understood correctly, only org owners can create images, and then they should grant access to other members in order for them to be able to push other tags for those images.

If I got that correct, then the description under the org’s Member privileges -> Package creation “Members will be able to create public packages, visible to anyone” can be a little misleading :wink:

Thanks again!

Any org member can create an image. That creator holds admin for the image name and can extend it to others. Sorry I was describing your circumstance.