Unable to view my github pages site

I am unable to view my github pages site even after uploading it to my repo hours back . 

I have created all the files in the same folder as seen and then uploaded it to repo .

My repo : https://github.com/Surajv311/myfwebDEV.git

My site(which is not displaying) : https://surajv311.github.io/myfwebDEV/

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Remove the underscores. Files with underscores are treated as hidden files.

I removed them and then re-uploaded the whole set but it’s still showing the readme file only ! 

Infact I created a new repository and arranged the files properly but still it’s showing the readme file only .

my new repo : https://github.com/Surajv311/webDEVone.git

and my sit : https://surajv311.github.io/webDEVone/

Any other way   ?

I once had similar issue while trying to deploy my static site. Change that _web.html to index.html. I believe it will work

Unfortunately my all pages or folder doesn’t have underscore( _ ) but still after uploading the page into GitHub, noting shows in the output. I can see my codes are uploaded well but when I click the output link, it just shows complete blank page. Any idea. Really need help.