Unable to view my GitHub pages after uploading

I am unable to view my React project after uploading to the GitHub. Simple projects without any dependencies work fine but other projects with dependencies can be uploaded well to the repo but when clicked on the output link, it just show complete blank.

This is really embarrassing for me. For this, I can’t even share any GitHub link of my recent projects.

I have already uninstall git and installed new version which is 2.30. If you have time, can have a look or u can enter my computer and then help me to upload.

Need real help from the community


Hi @hossain1527, welcome to the GitHub Support Community! :raised_hands: Can you post a link to your Pages site along with the repo used to host it so we can take a look?

Thanks. Truly appreciate. I’ve done my recent 2 small projects with the same issue. Here are the links:

Memory Game:

Repo: GitHub - hossain1527/react-memorygame
Link: Memory Game

Take care. Have a good day!

There is one more link I’d like to share. It has got the same issue:

Christmas Greetings & To-Do:

Repo: GitHub - hossain1527/christmas-todo
Link: React Christmas