Unable to use private repository

I am able to create private repository now (free account). But when fetching/pushing, I got error:

remote: Your account is disabled. Please see https://github.com/account/billing

One thing I remember that might be relevant is that I joined student account plan which has been expired years ago.

Anyone know how to fix this?


I have same problem :confused:

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Yeah, I’m getting this exact same issue! I created a new private repo using the web interface but when running git push --all origin I get this error: “Your account is disabled.”

Worth to mention that I was a paid subscriber until two or three months ago, downgraded to free plan since then.

I think this might have been due to the big changes made yesterday to the subscription system. Is the problem still there for all of you?

I am having the same problem.  Trying to clone a new private repo returns error saying that my account is disabled.

I’d suggest to wait until tomorrow to allow the system to process the change, and then contact GitHub Support directly.

If you are still experiencing this issue please contact us at https://github.com/contact and we’ll take a look. Thanks for your patience!


Thanks. I sent a support request.

What was the outcome?  I’m having this situation as well, with a phantom “billing issue” disabling a free private repo.

Hi @toddjonker ,

Here on the Community Forum we are rarely able to help you out with billing issues due to the fact that billing is something specific to your account. Therefore I think the quickest way to get help is to contact GitHub support directly at https://github.com/contact/ .

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Thanks, I’ve already done that separately and awaiting a response.  I asked because this doesn’t actually seem to have anything to do with billing.

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