Unable to use beta feature "Environments"

I come from the ADO world, trying to learn GitHub actions. Luckily I found this really great blog by Tim Heuer to get up to speed quickly. Unfortunately none of my accounts have have the Environments option. I of course can see secrets and many of the other options. I understand this feature is in beta, but is it limited to select paid offerings or do I need to opt in somewhere? Thanks!

Don’t you see the entry Environment under setting of a public repo that you own? It should be there without opting in:

In this open beta there is no need to sign up, all existing GitHub organizations and accounts can use the new capabilities in their public repositories and GitHub Enterprise Cloud organizations can use them in all repositories.

Hey Simran, I just created a new public repository and I can now see Environments. Thank you!

This is extremely disappointing that its only available in Public and Enterprise. I would have hoped to see see feature parity between ADO and GitHub. $21 a month per user is an insane request when its free on ADO and many other providers with many more mature features.