Unable to upload files to Initial repository

Using only command line git tool
I want to create a new repository in Github.
I want to upload certain files, folders from a folder to that a remote Github repository.
I want to do everything without ssh keygen and use password of Github.

So far I tried many things and couldn’t manage to make git upload the files to existing empty repository.
Also I couldn’t find a way to create a new remote repository in Github.

Can someone bring some examples?

Let’s say I have folder with files:

I would like to upload all the files, folders inside that folder except for folder gameconfigurationfiles/largegameworldfiles/
and file gameconfigurationfiles/serverconfigurations.xml

Hi there! :wave:

We’ve recently launched a GitHub CLI - it’s currently in beta, but it should allow you to create new repos from the command line. It’s here, if you want to give it a try, and we’d love to get feedback on it!

Here are the docs on creating things with it - scroll down to see repo creation:

And you could exclude specific files or folders by using a .gitignore file:


One thing to note - I’m not sure about wanting to use passwords over SSH keys. We’re gradually moving away from password authentication and heavily preferring the use of SSH keys or personal access tokens.