Unable to upload any images into repository

I am suddenly unable to upload images - standalone or in a zip, regardless of image file type. I have tested it with Firefox and Chrome, same result, except that Chrome gives me a 400 error. Clearing cache doesn’t do anything.
Other uploads work fine.

Could I have messed up a setting somewhere to prevent image uploads??
Stumped, appreciate any insights.


Kinda solved. Image file sizes exceed 700k. I can upload less than 700k images but not bigger. No idea why.

Could you upload it before?

Yes. I had previously uploaded a 1.8mb image without any problem.

When you say “upload” to you mean push? PR? Other?

From the code page, I click the “Add file” drop-down and select “Upload file”. It uploads (green bar fills), I click “Commit changes” and in Firefox is just loads to a blank [myurl]/uploads page. In Chrome, it displays a 404 error.