Unable to SSH connect to Git

I added the key as documented

then I tried to test the SSH connection


I don’t see anything wrong.

This document also happened while I was clone projects。

ask for help


That’s odd, I’ve never encountered that! You can try to add the -v (for “verbose”) option to get more details on what’s happening. I also recommend checking if your version of SSH is up to date.

i try add the -v

Can you see anything wrong with that

I don’t really understand this。

My key stopped working today (everything fine 5:00 local time (MEST), kex_exchange_identification-errors noticed 8:30 MEST) – same error as yours; re-adding it does not help, github is the only affected system (meaning I can use the key and others everywhere else).

I suspect the fault is on githubs end

Edit: Works Again (9:30 local time) - re-check your setup

I solved the problem

Clone cannot be done because the company’s wifi has set a wrong agent

I had to reinstall the system to find out why

I wasted 48 hours


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