Unable to share notebook as a gist

Hi, I am new to github and currently working through the labs on Coursera using IBM’s Developer Skills Network (https://labs.cognitiveclass.ai).

I am trying to share my Notebook to GitHub and I keep getting the 404 error message on the GitHub page (see below for image).

The coursera support staff suggested to figure it out with GitHub. If anyone else has experienced something similar, I would really appreciate the help.Thanks !

Here is what I have already tried:

  • different browsers: Chrome, Safari & Firefox
  • cleared cache
  • cleared cookies
  • also tried on incognito page

Here is the error message:

The 404 means either there’s nothing at the URL, or possibly you aren’t allowed to see it (e.g. a private repository you don’t have access too).

Guess why that might have happened requires more information, in particular exactly what steps you took. The URL might be helpful too, make sure to censor any private information (e.g. a private repository name).

I am also facing the same problem i.e. cannot share my notebook IBM Developer Skills Network as a gist. And can’t find any solution either.

Will be thankful if any one would suggest a solution


I have the same problem. And now i get this massage

Hi, Im getting the same error would love a solution

I have found a solution, a bit longer but it works.

If you are using IBM’s Developer Skills Network, once you have completed your lab you can download it as a ipynb. Then open your lab in Jupyter Notebook as a new project and when you “add” a notebook, add from file and select your downloaded ipynb.
You can then share your Jupyter Notebook as a gist when you are in the edit mode of your notebook, using the GitHub Integration selection.

Screen Shot 2021-11-15 at 10.30.42 AM

That should allow you to post your work as a gist. If anyone can figure out how to do it directly from the IBM’s Developer Skills Network that would be even better!