Unable to setup 5.1 configuration on WIndows

Good morning,

I’m trying to configure a PC witch sound target is Theatron Agrippa with a 5.1 configuration. The thing is that I don’t have a 5.1 speaker system avaliable at the time, but my Enterprise needs to test 5.1 works although, so I’m trying to configure the 5.1 system connecting 3 headsets to Line In, Front and Subwoofer channel. I have the theory that my device can’t configure a 5.1 configuration because there are no speakers connected to

the Theatron Agrippa, and the PC detects that there is a headset connected, and sends all the 5.1 sound to the headset connected in the front chanel, leaving the other two headsets without sound.

What do you think about that. Do you think that a real 5.1 speaker system will work?

Than you for your support,