Unable to set repository as internal (for internal github action purpose)

We’re on enterprise plan.
We cannot change the visibility of one of our repository to set it as internal.
We would like to set it as internal to use it for our internal github actions.

Hi @maathor :wave:t3:,

Would you mind elaborating more please on what you are experiencing when you try to change the visibility of the repo so we can better assist? Thanks!

I just want to set the repository as internal like:

To be able to fetch it (github actions included) from all other repositories.

Fore sur, we’re using Enterprise plan…

from GitHub Docs,

About repository visibility changes

Organization owners can restrict the ability to change repository visibility to organization owners only.


are you one of the owners ?

@maathor thanks for the extra details - have you checked the Enterprise settings to make sure that this wasn’t disabled?

I don’t have the capability to access to the Enterprise settings (I’m the owner, our current plan is enterprise cloud)

it’s not you, right ? this is your GitHub profile

and I’m sure, this is another user,

not very relevant, we tried with several users, including the creator of the organization…