Unable to set outputs for a job

I have 2 workflows (build-test-measure and qa-integrate) that share a similar job called comment-on-pr.

Both jobs are configured to set an output called comment_body. In the build-test-measure workflow, the output is set successfully, but in the qa-integrate workflow it fails with the error:

##[error]No such file or directory

I’m not sure as to why this occurs, but it most likely seems like a bug with GitHub Actions.

I’ve found the issue:

The qa-integrate workflow has the default working directory set to qa-tester for all jobs. Since the repository is not checked out for the comment-on-pr job, the qa-tester directory would not exist, and so before the first command in the first step is to be run, it would first do cd qa-tester. Since that directtory does not exist, the error No such file or directory is outputted.

Setting the working directory back to default (github.workspace) for the comment-on-pr job fixes the issue.