Unable to run the solution posted in the github page (RabbitMQ connection manager in SSIS)


I am trying to build the solution which is psoted in the following github link;


My SQL server cersion is 2014 and the Visual studio is 2015. I am getting lot of errors and warnings when trying to build this solution on my machine. Attcahed is the screenshot of my error messages. Can someone please suggest me what I am doing wrong?

Thanks in Advance!

Hi All,

I was able to solve the error messages specific to the assemblies, but I am getting a new error which states could not found the "SSISRabbitMQ.RabbitMQConnectionManager.dll"

Error message:

Severity Code Description Project File Line
Error Metadata file ‘c:\users\arachama\downloads\ssisrabbitmq-master\ssisrabbitmq-master\SSISRabbitMQ.RabbitMQConnectionManager\bin\Debug\SSISRabbitMQ.RabbitMQConnectionManager.dll’ could not be found SSISRabbitMQ.RabbitMQDestination c:\users\arachama\downloads\ssisrabbitmq-master\ssisrabbitmq-master\SSISRabbitMQ.RabbitMQDestination\CSC

I have downloaded the solution from the Github link below, and I do not see this particular dll in the bin folder of it, am I missing anything?