Unable to push project into my GitHub repository

I ma having issues with pushing projects into their github repositories on NetBeans. I click Git > Remote > Push. I click specify git hub repository location, I input the exact URL repository, I click next, select all of the branches. Click Next > Finish. Now I am on the Specify Git repository location windows and I click OK. The window keeps popping up again after I click OK but when I click cancel the window it titled “Git Command Failed” and then it shows the URL repository link where I am trying to push my project to and says “not authorized”. Any kind of help is greatly appreciated.

If that started about 10 days ago, you probably got hit by this:

In short, you’ll need to use a personal access token for Git over HTTPS, or change to SSH. If you aren’t asked for your password it’s probably cached somewhere, maybe in some OS credentials manager or in NetBeans itself.

Yes. NetBeans asks for my username and password before I push my projects into my github repositories. I my username and password in the textfields and i am still unable to push my prokects into my github repositories

If you’re enter the password it’s definitely the fact that GitHub isn’t accepting passwords for Git operations any more. You need to create a Personal Access Token and use that instead of your password when NetBeans asks. For access to your repositories you need the repo scope, and workflow to change GitHub Actions workflows (if you use Actions).

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Oh I see. I got it to work now! Thanks for your help!

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it worked for me thanks :blush:

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