Unable to push my code using git bash

Hello i am new to GitHub and git bash I want to commit my code but it taking time still it not uploaded i am sharing my commands which I have used please help me out

The screenshot doesn’t provide all the required info to understand the problem.

Could you instead copy and paste here the actual contents (redacted!) of your Bash? Jus select the Git command that is failing, down to the end of the error message, copy it and paste it in your reply.


If pasting the raw text could compromise your privacy and/or security, edit critical info parts (like username, paths, etc.) in an editor before pasting, e.g. replacing user name with XXX, and path segments with XXX/XXX.

In most cases, these details are not required for understanding a problem, and in case they are, you should contact support via private email, rather than divulge sensitive data on a private forum. This is another reason why screenshots are not a good idea.