Unable to Push files/folders into new GitHub repository

Hello, like the title suggests I’m unable to push files/folders into newly created github repository or any repository I have tried setting up a SSN key it it never connect to github using the command to test connection ssh -T git@github.com or using the https method setting up a personal access token it keep deny me access does anyone know whats going on and how to fix this issue?
Thank you.

Hey, what OS do you use? And how did you go about setting up the ssh?
Also send a screenshot of the error you are getting in your terminal.

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Hi I’m using chrome os with linux enable so I guess you say linux and I followed the steps here
Github Doc for Linux

That error message looks like GitHub doesn’t know your SSH key. After creating the key (as described in the documentation link you posted) you need to add it to your account, see here: Adding a new SSH key to your GitHub account - GitHub Docs

Ok. I’m not used to linux (just windows and mac). But also check out the part of github documentation that talks about your issue. Let’s see if this helps solve it.

Error: Permission denied (publickey)

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I have created and connected to GitHub in the setting section where saying SSH key and I checked the fingerprint it’s the same. However, the problem still persists.

can someone walk me through how to do this part?

I put the eval agent and got the output of agent pid then numbers but how do I do the next part?
If I named the file as testkey.pub and used the legacy version to generate SSH key what would be the command ssh-add ~/.ssh/id_rsa/testkey.pub
Thank you.

ssh-add needs the private key, not the public one. If you have a testkey.pub file with your public key, there should be a matching testkey file holding the private one.