Unable to pull public image from Github Container Registry

I have pushed an image to Github Container Registry and made it “public”.
Now when I am trying to pull it anonymously, I am getting an error:

docker pull ghcr.io/ashishkumarkc/alpine:3.12

Error response from daemon: Head https://ghcr.io/v2/ashishkumarkc/alpine/manifests/3.12: denied: denied

The image is marked as “public” but still I am unable to pull it anonymously. Please help.

Note: The docker pull command works fine after a docker login, but after a docker logout I get the above mentioned error. My assumption is that when an image is marked as “public” then there shouldn’t be a need to do a docker login first.

Am I missing something here ?

This issue is now resolved. Looks like it takes some time for the “public” setting to take effect.
I am now able to pull the image anonymously.


Have you since deleted the image? I can’t see and haven’t been able to see this image.

Yes I have deleted that image. Also as I have mentioned earlier, the issue was resolved when I tried after around 45 minutes of the image push. So looks like it was a timing issue.

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