Unable to pull images from ghcr

We have images pushed into ghcr as public, but the pulls fail stating

 docker pull ghcr.io/linkerd/proxy-init:v1.3.6
v1.3.6: Pulling from linkerd/proxy-init
afb6ec6fdc1c: Already exists
80cf89d7fa2c: Pulling fs layer
145a4ea92b67: Pulling fs layer
a22f2d4faea9: Pulling fs layer
error pulling image configuration: unknown blob

The image can be viewed at https://github.com/orgs/linkerd/packages/container/package/proxy-init

Is ghcr down? If yes, I would expect Github Status to show the same.


Update: Pulls work now, but Was it down?, as other users also expected the same, Can you please make sure that the Github Status is updated in real-time?


Fixed now. Had an issue this morning. We’ll review status reporting to see if this should have triggered something. Thanks.

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