Unable to publish webpage

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I managed to get it published but sometimes it just doesn’t work for no specific reason. Could someone check the account?

I took a look at the audit logs for your site but it looks like you’ve deleted and recreated the repository that hosts your site multiple times making it difficult to track down the exact reason why your site isn’t loading.

The most likely reason is that you’ve tried to visit your site before Pages has finished building and deploying it, resulting in a 404 page. After enabling Pages or pushing a new commit to your repository it can take up to 10 minutes to finish building your site and another 10 minutes to finish deploying across our CDN network. If you try to visit your page before it’s finished deploying the 404 page can be cached meaning you may still see it for a few minutes even after your site has deployed successfully.

The best thing to do if you encounter this is to wait a few more minutes and try visiting your site again.