Unable to publish my action to the marketplace

I had published an action to the marketplace during the v1 preview, but there were some issues with it and I didn’t have the time to fix them so I unpublished it. I’ve since fixed the issues and updated it to v2 but when I went to publish it I got an error saying the name must be unique. There’s no action in the marketplace with this name, just this one before I unpublished it. Is there a way to publish this without changing the name? This is the action https://github.com/xt0rted/block-autosquash-commits-action

Hi @xt0rted,

Thank you for being here! This is a known issue and our Engineering team is working on it. I’ll be user to keep this post updates as soon as we get news.

We just shipped a fix for this. Could you give it another try?

Sorry about that.

Thanks, it works. I was able to republish to the marketplace.

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