Unable to publish Github pages

I had just added a sitemap, but then I am not able to publish the page, even though I waited for 2 hours and deleted the sitemap, I am unable to retrieve it.
Also, after I changed back my username, the repository retired, please untire it: qqiumax.github.io
what shall I do now
want reply soon

it’s already hosting but with just this

it’s time to fix your page

please clone the repo to see what I have done wrong
I cant find anything wrong, I have written over a thousand words in total, but it shows a cached version, what shall I do?

I remember you, you’re the one asking last time, then you changed your name again, then again,

you must not change from time to time because it’s a distinct one

see, if I click the Env tab for your GitHub Page, I’m being redirected to


which is I think your past username,

and here, even at the forum, you’re using the other name MaxQiu0108 that when you click will result to 404, you may want to log out then log in to correct that here,