Unable to publish actions to the GitHub Marketplace

Hey there,

I am trying to publish two actions to the GitHub Marketplace and similarly to this person, I don’t see an option to “Publish this action to the GitHub Marketplace” according to the instructions here. The actions that I would like to publish are in my marvinpinto/actions public repository.

Wondering if someone at GitHub can help me out with this?

It seems to be a recurring issue, at least that means this topic is quite under-documented.

I managed to sort this out myself. I suspected it was because my actions were in a monorepo and not in separate repos like most others, and validated that theory. I had to mirror the individual packages out to separate repos, but I got that done and my actions are now published in the marketplace.

Hope we get support for monorepos at some point!

It also seems that even if the action is distributed on an orphan branch (or by tag based on such branch) where the metadata file action.yml is present, it won’t be detected as this file must be on master anyway.