Unable to pin my repository

I’ve got 5 repos pinned currently and want to pin one more.

It shows “1 remaining”, but I don’t see any repos in the list other than the ones that I’ve already pinned, see screenshot below.

Before there was no problem pinning repos.

You should be able to add another repository there. Make sure that the repository is  public. Try selecting the  Repositories I contribute to box as well, and also try using the search field to search for repositories. Feel free to let us know if that worked.

And if this was that simple I wouldn’t ask…

  1. All my repos are public (created before the recent events about free private repos)

  2. If I click “Repos I contribute to” I see *a lot* of repos. However none of them belong to me

  3. Search box does not change anything either, I see *none* of my repos

Weird… what browser/OS do you use?

I’ve tried Firefox/Chrome in Windows/MacOS in normal and incognito modes (to make sure that no addons interfere). The picture is the same everywhere…

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That is indeed super weird. I’d contact GitHub Support about this since from here there isn’t much else to do. Good luck!

Will do, thanks!

The reason may be that the repo doesn’t have any stars. Try starring the repo yourself and it should appear in the modal.

The stars shouldn’t be related to the pinning in any way.

And you can see I’ve got unstarred repos pinned.

Starring the repos indeed made them appear in the pinnable list. However, this seems to be a recently introduced constraint. I had previously pinned some 0-star repos, which I unpinned, and those were not available for pinning again until I starred them.

I do agree with @blind-oracle though. I don’t see why number of stars has anything to do with being able to pin.

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For the this does not work. I’ve starred one of my repos and I still can’t pin it.

Hi @dar5hak,

Thanks for being here! Looks like there is something up with the UI there, I’ll pass this feedback to the appropriate teams and post an update here. Thanks for taking the time to report this.



I likewise cannot pin a repository that I own, I created, and is public. Starring or not starring didn’t have any effect.

Same problem for me, public repository is not showing up in the pinning repos list ^.^

That is in fact too peculiar. I’d contact GitHub Support about this since from here there isn’t much else to do. Good karma!

Hey friends,

Thanks for your patience here! I want to clarify the criteria for pinning:

"The criteria should be repositories and gists that that specific account owns or has contributed to."

If you are experiencing this issue with repositories that you either own or have contributed too, please contact us at https://github.com/contact with the name or link to the repo you are trying to link and we’ll take a look.

I hope this helps!

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