Unable to open the latest Homebrew release - iOS


If I go to the Homebrew repo and click on their new 3.3.5 release, I get “An unknown error occurred” every time. Even when opening its url on the webpage and clicking Open in app. Older releases and releases from other repos all seem to work.

Here is the link: Release 3.3.5 · Homebrew/brew · GitHub

As it is happening every single time, I thought it may be worth reporting. :slight_smile:

iOS app. Version 1.41.0. Are you able to reproduce this behavior?

Also noticed that GitHub iOS app is unable to handle Comparing changes site - Comparing v1.4.2...v1.4.3 · evilsocket/opensnitch · GitHub

When clicking on this link in release notes the app throws “An unknown error occurred”.

Links directing to Wiki also result in the “An unknown error occurred”. I think in this cases it should display a different message saying that this is not available in the app and a link to open in Safari or something similar. :slight_smile: