Unable to open other repos gh pages

I have created my personal gh page at https://ninjaasmoke.github.io my username is ninjaasmoke. I also have other gh pages for other repos (like https://ninjaasmoke.github.io/angular/module-2-assignment/ ). But since I created my personal gh page, I’m unable to open the other repos’ pages! I thought it was because I was redirecting urls from my personal gh page, but that is not the case. Help!!!

Hi @ninjaasmoke, welcome to the GitHub Support Community!

This is likely because of the service worker you have enabled for your personal site ninjaasmoke.github.io. This service worker will be capturing all traffic to the ninjaasmoke.github.io domain—including visits to your other sites—and redirecting it to your personal page.

If you unregister the service worker for your personal page from your browser’s developer tools you should then be able to visit your other pages again. However, this will only work until the next time you visit your personal site where the service worker will be registered again.

To fix this permanently you’ll need to disable the service worker component of your personal site.

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Yes! That was the issue! Turns out I have a LOT to learn about service workers. Thanks