Unable to merge PR; Waiting for status to be reported

A repository to which I contribute has rules to prevent merging dev to master unless various checks are passed. This most recent PR for such a merge is blocked with “Waiting for status to be reported” on some of the tests.

We last did this shortly before the changes mentioned in “GitHub Actions update: Helping maintainers combat bad actors | The GitHub Blog” and everything ran as expected then.
Does anyone have any suggestions other than to disable these rules (which we’d rather not do)?

The problem with that PR seems that it contains too many commits (169) and files changes (214), which is going to take ages to run the various checks (that is, if you don’t get a time out limit for the checks, which might depend on the third party services involved, your accounts types, etc.). It’s quite an overkill for the average check to deal with, especially if they will be executed on all 169 commit!

I’m not sure whether you can bypass these safety rules, so chances are you’ll have to temporarily disable them in similar cases.

Try to optimize the checks as much as possible, e.g. by ensuring they are only run on the branch tip of a PR (i.e. abort when a new commit is pushed), use caching were possible, etc. Whatever can speed the checks up should prevent that type of situation from occurring again.