Unable to login to GitHub, lost 2FA auth


I am unable to login to GitHub. I’ve lost access to my 2FA authentication tokens and I have the recovery codes with me (which were generated during MFA setup) but the recovery codes are not working for me to login using username and password for my account. I submitted a support request (Ticket IDs 1446113 & 1447707) and have not heard back from GitHub Customer Support yet.

Our organization relies on GitHub for our daily workflow and need an immediate solution to get my account unblocked.

Please find the details below:
Username: palaparthi-ccpo

Kindly help me to recover my GitHub account since my account (palaparthi-ccpo) is linked to my corporate email ID and will be used for company wide projects.

Thank you for the support!

The same thing happen to me . have you got reply from support ?