Unable to load these PRs/issues

This doesn’t seem like a very appropriate forum for this, but it’s by far the least wrong place to post this.


I have found 2 more issues/PRs that demonstrate this problem but I can’t post more than 2 links per post.

These pages load for 15 seconds and then return an error saying “this page is taking too long to load”.

This is not a one-time thing - I have been unable to access these specific issues for about 3 days. Most other issues in that repo are fine, but I don’t know how many others are affected by this problem.

If you have another issue/PR that references one of these, hovering over the link causes a preview to be displayed normally. Example: https://github.com/vis2k/Mirror/pull/1048

I can confirm this, after 15 seconds I got the “Angry Pink Unicorn” error page (“too long to load”).

Mhhh, this shouldn’t happen, regardless of the PR size. I’ve made massive PRs in the past (over 30.000 files) but never encountered a similar problem.