Unable to git clone a repo due to port 443 time out issue

Hello, every time I use the “git clone” command to clone a repo, I get the error message : "fatal: unabel to access [name of repo]: Failed to connect to github.com port 443: Timed out.  I can not seem to find how to solve this issue. I am using Windows 7.  Thank you for your help.

This is probably your firewall.

TCP port 443 is the default port used by HTTPS. If this port is blocked on any server or device from your computer to a given destination, such as www.Microsoft.com, your connection to any https site will fail and your browser will return an error message like “Secure Connection Failed” or “Page Cannot be Displayed”. However, the two most common locations for this failure are at your workstation or router. Moreover, if you can access the html page at your root domain (say https://midomain.com/), but pages in a directory like https://midomain.com/ give you a 404 Not Found error.

@coolsal Did you manage to resolve it?

Unfortunately not, still unable to use the git clone command. Probably due to my company’s firewall.

mine was working 1 minute ago, and now it isnt